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"Can Drinking Lemon Water Damage My Teeth?"

By David Wolf, DavidWolf.com 🍋 Sadly, that refreshing water with citrus fruit in your office can do more harm than you think! Read below for tips on avoiding the acidity and still enjoying the benefits. The Oral Surgery DC Team The health benefits of drinking lemon water are very well documented. In the past, we’ve even recommended you drink […]

"What Happens After My Tooth Extraction?"

→ Here’s everything you need to know from Dr. Nkungula to help prepare for dental care after your visit:  Post – Operative Mouth Care Care of the mouth following a surgical procedure is essential in the healing process. Bleeding: Some bleeding and oozing is normal for several hours after your procedure. Avoid spitting, use of […]

Review: "Everyone at this office was polite and professional"

 “Everyone at this office was polite and professional. I was very impressed with the service I received. Like many others, I am terrified of oral surgery, the staff her gave me a new outlook because of their knowledge in their profession. The process of getting one of my teeth extracted did not hurt. I will […]

E-Cigarette Explosions Causing Serious Mouth Injuries

Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) are sold under some 450 brands and come in more than 7,600 flavors. The vaporizing (“vaping”) device that delivers nicotine through E-cigarettes includes a heating element and a cartridge that holds the vapor solution, a mixture of nicotine, flavorings and other additives.  The device’s power source is usually a lithium-ion battery triggered […]