Wisdom Teeth Removal: What Adults Should Expect

  By: WebMD   😁 Knowing the things you should expect from your tooth extraction procedure is one effective way to get prepared. Each step matters to achieve a better dental experience! Read more about what to expect! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Your dentist says it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth. He may refer you […]

Soda After Wisdom Teeth Removal

By: Brynne Chandler, Livestrong   😷 Diarrhea may occur after the wisdom tooth extraction, however, this is preventable. Check out these foods recommended to manage this condition. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Wisdom teeth, which are also called third molars, generally grow in at the very back of your mouth when you are between the ages […]

Needle Phobia and Fainting

  By: Dental Fear Central   😱 Do you feel anxious at the sight of needles? There is something you can do and your dentists can help you, too! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Some people faint at the sight of needles. This may be common if you have what is called a blood-injury-injection phobia, […]