How Stress Might Be Ruining Your Teeth

  By: Kelsey Lindsey, Washingtonian   🙂 You may know that stress can cause upset stomachs and headaches, but did you know it can cause tooth decay? Here’s what to know and what you can do to protect your smile. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Backaches, sleepless nights, upset stomach. Just reading about the physical manifestations […]

Traumatic Dental Injuries

  By: Oral and Facial Surgery Institute   😷 A traumatic dental injury is a serious condition which requires an immediate dental consultation. A mild pain does not mean you’re safe. There is a chance that the affected area may only be made visible through a thorough exam. The Woodview Oral Surgery DC   Most traumatic […]

Five Tools Everyone In the Oral Surgery Industry Should Be Using

By: Dentaltown   💉 The dental industry is innovating, too! As a product of innovation, we’ve got 5 recommendable tools to perform oral surgery. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Dentists usually have their own clinics and private practices, and in these clinics, they have all the tools they need to treat their patients. Apart from […]