Effects Of Smoking On Teeth And How To Kick The Habit

  By: Donna M. Rounsaville, Colgate     It’s No Smoking Day, a holiday we definitely endorse! Smoking takes a toll of smoker, and their teeth. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Although they aren’t addressed as often as the rest of the body, the effects of smoking on teeth and the oral cavity are important pieces of […]

Dental paresthesia: Nerve damage as a complication of wisdom tooth extraction or dental injection.

  By: Animated-Teeth.com   😱 Have you heard about Dental Paresthesia? Discover its signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment before you’re at risk! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team What is paresthesia? Dental paresthesia is one possible postoperative complication of wisdom tooth removal, or in some cases receiving a dental injection. It involves a situation where tissues or […]

What Are the Most Common Dental Problems?

By: Tammy Davenport, Verywell Health 😄 Understanding common dental problems allow you to take preventive measures to keep a healthy smile. Remember, your mouth can tell you many things about your body. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Dental problems are never any fun, but the good news is that most of them can be easily prevented. […]