Christmas Foods to Avoid for Fresh Breath

By: Capitol Hill Times 🎉 The holidays bring lots of good food, drink, and socializing, but sometimes the conversations may be short due to what you’re eating. Dr. Harold Katz, developer of the TheraBreath line of oral products and widely recognized as “America’s Bad Breath Doctor” says there are certain holiday foods to avoid – if you don’t […]

Removing plaque and tartar from teeth

By: Jamie Eske, Medical News Today The buildup of plaque tartar on the teeth can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. However, several simple home remedies can help treat and prevent plaque and tartar. Learn them via Medical News Today! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Plaque is a soft, sticky film that builds […]

What can cause gum pain?

By: Rachel Nall RN MSN, Medical News Today The gums are soft, fleshy tissue that supports and protects the teeth. Gum pain can be a sign of irritation, infection, or injury to the gums and teeth. Medical News Today discussed some of the possible causes of gum pain, treatment, home remedies, prevention, and when to […]