Top 3 Reasons for Kids Dental Surgery

  By: Main Street    👩‍👧 Even children are not free from dental surgery if their oral hygiene is neglected. Guide them to a healthy oral routine and this will be avoided. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Your child’s dental health is determined by their dental habits. It’s important for kids to learn good oral […]

Gray and Black Market Dental Products: Are You at Risk?

By: Consumer Guide to Dentistry 💉 Have you heard about the gray and black market before? To avoid the risks and harmful effects of using these products, let us be aware of how they are made and labeled before they are sold. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Imagine you’re in the market for a new camera, […]

A Guide to Common Dental Problems

  By: Sally Solo, Real Simple   😄 Keep this guide to common dental problems handy so you’ll achieve the perfect smile everybody would want to see! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   How to prevent or treat the (sometimes painful) troubles that can lurk in your mouth.   Problem: Tooth Decay Also known as dental […]