What Anglo Saxon teeth can tell us about modern health

By: University of Bradford, Science Daily Evidence from the teeth of Anglo Saxon children could help identify modern children most at risk from conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Learn more about these critical findings via ScienceDaily. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Researchers from the University of Bradford found that analysis of milk […]

Does teething cause a baby to vomit?

  By: Karen Gill, MD, Medical News Today   Vomiting and fever may sometimes accompany teething. Teething is a normal part of a child’s development that may cause some discomfort. However, it is unlikely that teething is a direct cause of vomiting. The Medical News Today shares other possible causes of vomiting and discusses how to relieve the […]

Advanced dental technology: Don’t get left behind

  By: Dental Economics   😄 The advancement of dental technology can lead to high-quality care to dental patients. Along with this upgrade, we ensure to provide efficient practice for your comfort and benefit. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   If you’ve been keeping up with developments in oral health care over the past decade, you’re […]