New Implant Advancement Hopes to Lower Risk of Infection

By: KU Leuven, Oral Health Group 😀 New research has developed a dental implant that can gradually release drugs from a built-in reservoir which helps prevent and fight infections: Visit our website to learn more about dental implants: The Woodview Oral Surgery Team A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has […]

The Evolution of the Toothbrush

By: Irma Wallace, Infographic Journal [INFOGRAPHIC] 🐴 Can you imagine brushing your teeth with horsehair?! Take a look at just how far the toothbrush has come. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Attention to dental hygiene dates all the way back to 3500 BCE with the Chew Stick in Egypt and Babylonia. Centuries later, we have seen tremendous […]

Can You Get Through This Post Without Wanting To Brush Your Teeth?

By: Kelly Oakes, BuzzFeed 😏 CHALLENGE: Try getting through this disturbing article without wanting to brush your teeth! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Here’s what your teeth look like up close and personal with a scanning electron microscope. This is a calcium phosphate crystal, the stuff that makes up your tooth enamel. Here’s some plaque-forming bacteria, […]