Short On Time? This Hi-Tech 'Triple Toothbrush' Cleans In TEN Seconds!

  Now you definitely have time to brush! Check out this clip on how to clean your mouth in just 10 seconds with this brand new toothbrush technology.  – The Oral Surgery DC Team 🕑 [VIDEO]

"What Happens After My Tooth Extraction?"

→ Here’s everything you need to know from Dr. Nkungula to help prepare for dental care after your visit:  Post – Operative Mouth Care Care of the mouth following a surgical procedure is essential in the healing process. Bleeding: Some bleeding and oozing is normal for several hours after your procedure. Avoid spitting, use of […]

College Student Made His Own Braces For $60, And His Teeth Look Fantastic

By Kimberly Yam, The Huffington Post   🎓 Believe it or not, a college student 3D-printed his own braces for $60! Read below to learn more about this possible game-changer for the dental field. – The Oral Surgery DC Team This student can confidently grin from ear to ear — and it’s not because of a good […]