Cavities: How and Why Do Dentists Fix Cavities for Children?

  By: 123Dentist   😞 Kids are not safe from cavities. This condition should receive immediate treatment before it causes pain to your child. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Though children are using a set of teeth they will eventually lose, that set of teeth needs to survive until the adult teeth guide them out […]

Is Dental Sedation Safe For Kids?

By: Jenny Green, Colgate   👩‍👧  Parents also play an important role during the dental sedation procedure. Prepare your child and follow the guidelines to gain positive results. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Safety is parents’ top consideration when it comes to their child receiving dental sedation. Dentists may recommend sedation for long, complex […]

Dental Implant Process Take Time

By: Prestige Oral Surgery   😄 If a dental implant is your best tooth replacement option, the length of this procedure depends on your oral health. But one thing is for sure, results can last a lifetime! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team Dental implants are, bar none, the best tooth replacement option available. Dental implants are […]