Pain Relief for Wisdom Teeth Removal

  By: Adeola Abisogun, Livestrong 🙂 Pain may occur after a wisdom tooth removal. To avoid this and prevent the occurrences of complications, follow your dentist’s guidelines for a best dental experience! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Having your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure, but some risks are involved. These risks include pain, […]

Common Types of Oral Surgeries and What You Can Expect

  By: Dental Pointe   💉 From wisdom tooth removal to a reconstructive operation, each oral surgery type has different functions. Determine which of them is suitable for your needs. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   There are several conditions that may warrant getting oral surgery in Naperville. Sure, no one relishes the idea of surgery; however, […]

Complications During and After Surgical Removal of Third Molars

  By: by Hans Ulrich Brauer, DDS, Dr. Med Dent, MA; Robert A. Green, DDS, MD, Msc, FRCD(C); Bruce R. Pynn, Ms, Oral Health Group   💉 There are recent studies which identify risk factors during and after removal of third molars. Complications may arise, therefore, thorough planning and surgical skills are very important. The Woodview Oral […]