Nature vs. Nurture: Dental Problems Parents Pass Down To Children

  Parents, in particular, want to know: does DNA predetermine dental health? The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   It’s the classic nature vs. nurture question that dentists get asked often, but the answer doesn’t simply boil down to one or the other. The scary truth is that many dental problems are indeed “inherited”–but not from […]

After the Removal of Multiple Teeth

  By: Orlando Oral Facial Surgery   🙂 From the primary operation to its effect, the removal of multiple teeth is quite different from the extraction of just one tooth. Check out these guidelines on what to do after the teeth extraction to prevent any complications from occurring. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   INSTRUCTIONS FOR […]

Mystery Solved: The Story on Canker Sores

  Anyone who’s ever had mouth sores can attest to the fact that they are just as embarrassing as they are painful, but simply suffering through them does you no good. Get the facts on this common problem to take control of the situation before another outbreak. The Woodview Oral Surgery Team   Canker sores […]