E-Cigarette Explosions Causing Serious Mouth Injuries

Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) are sold under some 450 brands and come in more than 7,600 flavors. The vaporizing (“vaping”) device that delivers nicotine through E-cigarettes includes a heating element and a cartridge that holds the vapor solution, a mixture of nicotine, flavorings and other additives.  The device’s power source is usually a lithium-ion battery triggered […]

Busboys & Poets: Coming Soon to Anacostia

We’re thrilled to hear that another restaurant is opening up in our neighborhood! Read about the groundbreaking ceremony and plans for Busboys and Poets Anacostia here ➤ http://dcist.com/2016/10/busboys_anacostia_groundbreaking.php

Learn More About Dr. Nkungula

Read more about Dr. Nkungula here ➤ http://buff.ly/2cSOH8U