Hi-tech ‘triple toothbrush’ can clean your mouth in just ten seconds

By MARK PRIGG FOR DAILYMAIL.COM   For those who simply don’t have time to brush their teeth in the morning, help is at hand. A new Kickstarter campaign is raising funds for a $99 triple headed electric toothbrush. Its inventors claim it can clean an entire mouth in just ten seconds. ‘Wouldn’t it be simpler and […]

Chocolate: A Superfood for Your Teeth

By Ask the Dentist Who says chocolate isn’t good for you? The antibacterial effects of chocolate can help protect against tooth decay. Sounds too good to be true? Read more on why you can justify your chocolate cravings below. The Woodview Oral Surgery    A dentist recommending chocolate? Yes, that’s right, you read correctly. Recent […]

Happy International Women's Day!

🌹 Our amazing staff, dressed in red, gave all of our patients at the DC office red roses yesterday! Happy International Women’s Day!