6 Ways Oral Surgeons Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Oral surgeons can help you improve your quality of life in a wide variety of situations, including dental implants to replace lost teeth, oral surgery to address sleep apnea, bone and gum grafting, reconstructive surgery, biopsies, and jaw surgery.

What is Diastema?

By: Jayne Leonard, Medical News Today A diastema is a gap between the teeth. It is not harmful, and it appears in children and adults. In children, the gap typically closes when their permanent teeth come through. A diastema is a gap between teeth that is wider than 0.5 millimeters. It can develop between any […]

Vaping changes oral microbiome and raises infection risk

By: Eleanor Bird, M.S., Medical News Today Researchers from New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry are the first to show that the use of e-cigarettes may allow infection-causing bacteria to flourish in the mouth. An increasing number of people are turning to e-cigarettes, or vapes, as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. However, questions remain […]