How to Get Whiter Teeth: Four Top Tips to Help Achieve a Brighter Smile

By: Matty Edwards, Independent 🦷 What does good oral hygiene mean for you? Aside from brushing, keeping our teeth whiter and healthier also involves crucial steps to take. The Independent features other dental care solutions that can help protect your smile! The Woodview Oral Surgery Team How do you get whiter teeth? The answer may appear simple […]

Drinking Red Wine Can Improve Oral Hygiene, Study Claims

By: Olivia Petter, Independent DYK? Drinking red wine can improve your oral health!🍷 So, how about wine-flavored toothpaste? These facts may sound odd, but a new study has revealed drinking red wine actually offers a number of health benefits that extend far beyond the mere feel-good factor. Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more awesome news […]

More than a smile: Importance of your kid’s long-term oral health

By: CNN Philippines 🦷 Busy days at work and school can hamper our oral care routine. Children, in particular, are prone to problems brought by poor dental health. Sadly, its consequences may escalate up until adulthood; thus, affecting their social and psychological welfare. Thankfully, this article via CNN Philippines highlights some effective ways to encourage your child […]