Happy Labor Day!

[VIDEO] Curious to learn more about the history of Labor Day? Check out this video by the History Channel! ➤ http://buff.ly/2c7xCtt

Review: "It's about time premium dental care comes to SE"

“I have to say that it is about time that premium dental care comes to Southeast. I had my extraction of 4 wisdoms done at once and all my questions were answered and when I was still unsure, I was seen the next day. Now it is wonderful to see women in this position give […]

Why You Need to Brush Your Teeth Before Bedtime

🔹 Do we really have to brush our teeth twice a day? The question: Just how gross is it really if I forget to brush my teeth before bed every once in a while? The answer: Bad news: It’s pretty gross. You probably already know that the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing those pearly […]